Just had the honor of Tracking New Music for my Dearest friend and brother,

The Legendary John McLaughlin’s NEW 2021 RECORD!

This is my first true collaboration with Brother John and a bunch of FINE Musicians!

Look out Y’all for some KILLIN Music coming out soon by the Spring of 2021!

More details later on.

Pianist/Keyboardist * Composer * Producer * Educator

Oz Ezzeldin

Oz Ezzeldin & Dave Weckl in Session!

L.A. CA, USA 2019

"Moment's Notice" John Coltrane, Revisited By Oz Ezzeldin & Simon Phillips, Honoring #BLM 2020

PREMIERING On My YouTube Channel 10/18/2020 


My very recent collaboration with Dave Weckl, on "Dis Kinda Place." It's a fusion-funk Tune available as a play along for drummers, keys players, or bass players. It comes with play along mixes and a CHART! 😎 

Join Dave's Online School where this package includes an 80 minute lesson, a 35 minute discussion between Dave and Myself, and MORE! Check out the Full Video 👇 Much Love Y’all! Oz🎶👍🤚🎹🥁 


I'm very honored to present this NEW arrangement of mine (with a hint of Odd Time Signatures) Of John Coltrane's (Moment's Notice) In dedication to The Legendary John Coltrane, honoring #BLM 2020.


Oz Ezzeldin: Keyboards/Arranger/Producer/Programming

Simon Phillips: Drums/Co-Arranger

Paul Hanson: Bassoon

Mike Zilber: Saxophone

Kai Eckhardt: Fretless Bass 

Celso Alberti: Mix/Master/Video Editing

Later on we might have some "Play Alongs" Available for Y'all to HIT with!!!